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Welcome to Spending smarter

You are now ready to maximize cashback, rewards, points, and savings from your credit cards every day when you shop or spend online!

Waly's breeze online experience advises you with the right card to pay for the online store every time!

  • Grow your rewards 10X

  • Effortlessly earn $750/yr without spending extra!

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Maximize earnings on the go!

Download the iOS Mobile app to maximize your rewards when shopping or spending at retail places.


Automatically get notifications based on your location to spend smarter!


WALY is here to help you focus on the things that matter in your life, combining the power of the best in class auto-categorization and intelligent upsidedown-recommendation with the patent-pending AI technology that automatically selects the right card on every single spend with absolutely zero effort.

Whether you like to crack open a cold one at the bar or pick up that new sweatshirt, Waly will automatically get you the best rewards on every purchase!

Turn Spending into Earning

Turn your spending into earning!

  • Never spend without earning back again. 

  • Eliminate the guesswork.

  • Automatically get the right advice at the right time based on your location or online checkout.

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Retail Swift Experience 

Earn cash back, points, miles, or save with rewards from your credit cards when spending at every store, grocery, restaurant, gas, coffee shop, wholesale club, pharmacy, hotel, rental, movie theater, game, and many more. Automatically get notifications to maximize rewards based on your location. Never miss opportunities to earn more or save more! Use the Right Card Every Time, Every Place!

Waly Mobile App

Pro tips

  • Waly focuses on day-to-day spending and assumes regular card benefits and rewards. 

  • Waly only works in the US at this time, and benefits are expressed in US currency.

  • Waly assumes that you have activated any quarterly or limited-time rewards. Make sure to activate any offer you receive from your card company. Card companies usually send emails to activate, or you can sign in to your card account to activate. 

  • Cards' rewards are objective in some cases and not provided by card issuers. Waly uses cutting-edge technologies and AI to determine rewards % based on rewards, benefits, redemption value, statement credits, points to cash, pay by points, and many more.  

  • Waly currently does not support new card sign-up bonus benefits and individual offers that you can add to your card to earn statement credit.

  • Some cards have max spending (ex: $1,500) to earn a higher % rate of reward before it defaults to a lower rate.  Waly assumes you are within the max spending limit. 

  • Cards that offer customized category selection are set to the card's default category. This capability will be available soon.

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