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Tips to maximize credit card rewards
  • Waly focuses on day-to-day spending and assumes regular card benefits and rewards. 

  • Waly assumes that you have activated any quarterly or limited-time rewards. Make sure to activate any offer you receive from your card company. Card companies usually send emails to activate, or you can sign in to your card account to activate. 

  • Cards' rewards are objective in some cases and not provided by card issuers. Waly uses cutting-edge technologies and AI to determine rewards % based on many factors, including rewards, benefits, redemption value, statement credits, points to cash, pay by points, and many more.  All are expressed in US currency.

  • Some cards have max spending (ex: $1,500) to earn a higher % rate of reward before it defaults to a lower rate.  Waly assumes you are within the max spending limit. 

  • Cards that offer customized category selection are set to the card's default category at this time. Personalized category settings will be available soon.


Ready to get started?

Download the app and start maximizing your credit card rewards in as little as 3 minutes.

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