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Earn free money & rewards from credit cards every time you spend online or retail.

Waly helps you spend smarter by maximizing cashback, rewards, points, and savings from your credit cards every day, whether you shop in-stores, online, dine at restaurants, order food, buy groceries, fill up gas, or pay bills or spend on everyday purchases.

  • Use the right card every time!

  • Grow your rewards 10X

  • Effortlessly earn $750/yr without spending extra!

  • It's Free & Easy!

Waly Editors Choice Award
Turn Spending into Earning

Turn your spending into earning!

  • Waly is a smarter way to spend every day.

  • Never spend without earning back again. 

  • Eliminate the guesswork.

  • Automatically get the right advice at the right time based on your location or online checkout.

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It's so easy anyone can do it

Just Follow

3 simple steps!



Join free in seconds

Add the browser extension or download the mobile app from Appstore; Select the credit cards you have & Start earning every time you spend!



Get the right advice

Shop normally and automatically get notified at online checkout or based on your location, advising you on the right credit card to maximize rewards! Don't forget to enable location services.



Use the right card

While paying at the checkout, use the credit card advised by waly and maximize your cashback, rewards, or points. Cha-Ching!

Use Right Card

WALY is here to help you focus on the things that matter in your life, combining the power of the best in class auto-categorization and intelligent recommendations with the patent-pending AI technology that automatically selects the right card on every single spend with absolutely zero effort.

Ultimate Rewards Experience

Enjoy the ultimate rewards experience

  • Take control of your personal finances with comprehensive insights to improve spending habits.

  • Spend with confidence on the go every day, every place!

  • Effortlessly save about $750/Yr without spending extra money!


Being smart about spending is much easier when you are Waly!

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